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Monday, November 19, 2012

My 1897 Remington Standard No. 6 Typewriter

This picture is of my 1897 Remington Standard No. 6 typewriter. Like I've said before, this one works really well... Maybe even better than a typewriter from the 1940s! The action is extremely smooth. Of course, the ribbon doesn't print very clearly, and it's another upstrike/blindwriter typewriter, so the whole 'You can't see what you type as you type it' makes it extremely ineffective, and extremely obselete. The mechanism became obselete by the end of 1910 due to Olivers and Underwoods. Still, this typewriter is very collectible, and has a serial number in the 10,000s, making it pretty early. (According to my findings in the binder full of typewriter ads. I have, they started making No. 6's in 1894... Perhaps this one may be a little earlier than 1897)?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wall of Typewriter Inspiration!

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This is my writing desk... Every time I look at all of the different typewriter advertisements which contain all of the wacky designs of typewriters of the 1890s time period, it makes me want to keep on collecting... So many designs, all of which wanted to be the most successful. And in the middle of this; I have two of my favorite and oldest typewriters sitting on the same desk. 

(All advertisements that are hung up on this wall are copies that I made myself of the originals that are in the binder full of typewriter ads that I got for my birthday.

1902 Typewriter Advertisements - Blindwriters vs. Visibles

Here's two typewriter advertisements from 1902 - On the Underwood Advertisement, you can see to the left of the picture of their typewriter, it says "You can see what you are doing!" While the Remington Advertisement is advertising their blindwriter, or upstrike in which you cannot see what you typed as you typed it. This is a classic example of how Remington was behind in technology compared to Underwood at this time. (These advertisements are mine)

Opening of Typewriters 101 Blog

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